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How Does it Work?


How Does It Work?

Talk to our experts first! We will help you understand what your credit profile is missing and our credit experts can help with that! We will tell you how our program work, and what you will need to do in order to improve your current credit situation.

Get Enrolled

Next, you will enroll in our program from that point our team of experts will analyze your credit profile, locate all errors, see what you can be doing, and create a winning strategy to improve your overall credit scores!

Enjoy Results

Now it’s time to begin working and will do most of the work! Our company will do 80% but you are required to uphold 20% in order for credit restoration to work. At the point it’s time to sit back and enjoy the results which most people are as little as 60 days!

Our Services

Our services will help removing the following:

Late Payments


Medical Bills


Student Loans



Hard Inquires

Customer Reviews

I was looking for some professional help to stable my credit account, and a friend comes with a name, Rising Elevation Consulting. The best decision I ever made!
Brittany Foxx
Since 2019 I am facing issues in my credit account, and a bad debt lowers my scores. But Rising Elevation Consulting helped me a lot, and today, my credit account is better than ever.
Edward Woo
With the bankruptcy charges, my credit report got a lot of negative impacts. I totally lost all hope, but then I met Rising Elevation Consulting, and here I am, enjoying my carefree life.
Samantha Gilbert

Having Good Credit Can Open so Many Doors for You.

The first thing is a peace of mind! We all know that life can happen at anytime and the worst thing is not having the money available to purchase something right out, and needing to use your credit and be denied. Here’s just a few things that having a good credit score can get for you.

Home Loans

Even though you may be able to get a home loan with a score as low as 580 the interest rate will most likely be very high! The better your score means the better rates you’ll be given which means a lower mortgage which in most cases are cheaper than renting.

Student Loan

If you need to get a student loan for yourself or even kids your credit score is taken into consideration alongside other factors. Don’t let your credit score be the reason you are denied.

Your Dream Car

Get your hands on your favorite car with a clear and appealing credit score. Yes! Companies trust people with a higher credit score.
The better your scores improves your chances of getting approved for the following items above. Look no further we know exactly what it takes.. the best thing is WE OFFER A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

Credit Cards

If used correctly credit cards can help tremendously.

1. They will stay open until you close them (which you never want to do/ pay it off but keep it open.)
2. If you have a credit card with a high limit if you ever need to use it in case of an emergency there won’t be a need to take out a new loan.
3. The freedom to purchase things you may not have the money for now, and pay them back later.

Pricing Plan

We create a plans based on your credit profile, and credit goals giving you best rates available.

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It’s good if you have questions, that means you are interested in a better future. We are here to satisfy you with our plans and strategies. It Is Time To Invest In Your Future.